Thursday, 10 March 2011


watching the wheels go round
and the world turning
feeding my brain
looking outwards
and inwards
keeping a sense of perspective
keeping my composure
laughing at life
eating healthily
looking after my trusty two-wheeler
fitting new brake blocks and cleaning the chain
getting volky the troublesome passat through his mot
wincing at throwing good money after bad
keeping the wolf from the door
checking the bank balance
helping my university pre-sessioners to master academic writing
correcting their endless faux pas
restringing my old bass guitar
recording tracks for 'propaganda', the opening salvo of 'menagerie'
programming drums
sprinkling arpeggios of chorused electric guitar
picking hannah up from school
giving her wild horse rides
keeping on top of the weeds and the unruly shrubs
getting enough sleep
not neglecting my poor blog

Monday, 7 March 2011


sunshine on my face
like healing hands
the garden is alive and bursting forth
i brandish my secateurs and chop chop chop
cutting back the dead heads
revealing the tiny baby buds and shoots
scooping up handfulls of brown fallen leaves
what a delight it is to commune with nature again
to hear the birds and the buzzing insects
i feel like talking to the plants
the nay-bores will think i'm a right charlie!
the woodle appears
chalking the pavement with hopscotch numbers
we go and call on emma at number 23
and suddenly the street is alive with the laughter of happy little girls
passing dog-walkers look up and say hello
it's as if a great cloud has lifted from humanity
little darling it's been a long and lonely winter...