Thursday, 22 July 2010


the cognoscenti act on instinct
they work hard
although to them it is not the kind of work that comes dressed in overalls
they are not easily pleased
they ask difficult questions
and disdain unsatisfactory answers
they pay attention
they keep their eye on the ball
and their ear to the ground
they crave information
they think outside the box
they scorn the commonplace
they unearth the esoteric
they bury deep
they carry a metal detector
they look under the carpet
they dig for dirt
they are cynical until the evidence suggests otherwise
they are sceptics and doubters
they are agnostics despite their gnostic name
they hoover up snippets
they keep their ears pricked
their eyes pealed
and their noses sniffing around
they love abstractions and frameworks
and they adore the hands-on and the concrete
they value the gestalt
they glean details
they like to see the big picture
and all the little connections
they are of the zeitgeist
but they are timeless
they revere the past and dream of the future
but they are definitely here now
they experiment
they pun
they play pranks
they flirt with ideas
they eschew easy solutions
they are the mad ones who make the rest of society more sane
they burn with a light that never goes out
they pursue a theory to its logical conclusion
they seek out fellow knowers
they are thinkers, feelers and players
they revel in the absurdity of life
and delight in its obscene beauty
while enduring its beautiful ugliness
they are more concerned with playing than winning
more interested in the journey than the destination
they share with others and expect nothing in return
they are not always italian
the cognoscenti - what a great name for a rock band!

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