Wednesday, 26 October 2011


These strange symbols I cannot decipher
They mean nothing to me, nothing to me
From a far-off civilization that cannot speak to me
Cannot speak to me

The richness of their lives does not communicate
Their artifacts and rituals are inanimate
Their myths and their narratives are transparantly opaque
They are no more than squiggles on the page

There are no absolutes, there are no certainties
No phoney supreme being is coming through to me
There are no truths, no fixed moralities
Hieroglyphics are all I see

I had a story to tell
I had something to say
'Write it down' my teacher said
'Add it up' said another
They wouldn't listen to a word I said
It was alive and they killed it dead

These hieroglyphics claim a false authority
These hieroglyphics impose a tyranny
These hieroglyphics create a monopoly
Hieroglyphics are all I see!

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