Tuesday, 31 January 2012


i was half-expecting this
i plod down livery street past snow hill station
and the tempting doors of the old contemptibles
hat pulled down over my ears and collar up against the wind
only to find that city music has closed down
around the corner
under the railway arches
musical exchanges has gone too
on the spur of the moment
i decide to take a walk through hockley
up constitution hill
in search of the lord clifden
half a mile on i stumble upon it
just before the hockley pelican
a welcoming oasis in a desert of inner-city dereliction
i suddenly spot a sign for hall street
and double back into the jewellery quarter
past the brown lion
venue for my forthcoming gig
on through st paul's square
and up newhall street past the telephone exchange building
where i once worked as an office courier
a poster in the wellington alerts me to the post office vaults
a new pub down a flight of steep steps in new street
some good ales on tap!
new street seems dead
so many places with 'to let' signs in the windows
i check out a couple of possible busking pitches
the arcade by house of fraser
opposite the great western arcade
st philip's cathedral square
the little square next to the entrance to oasis clothes emporium
perhaps i will be back tomorrow with guitar in hand
to reclaim the streets!

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