Friday, 4 May 2012


The Great Game will suck you in
Make you tired and restless
It will trap you in its web
Control you like a chess piece
Oh the Great Game

The Great Game dictates the rules
You must follow to the letter
It’s not a game you’d want to lose
But winning isn’t any better
Oh the Great Game

Defy the Great Game at your peril
For you will be stigmatised
Ridiculed and rejected
Insulted and patronised

The Great Game will bleed you dry
It will push you through the mincer
It conquers and divides
Then turns to point the finger
Oh the Great Game

The Great Game will spit you out
Chuck you on the scrapheap
It will cart your bones away
Bury them in landfill deep
Oh the Great Game

It’s not your age or gender
It’s not the colour of your skin
It’s not the nation on your passport
It’s the master you serve

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