Friday, 8 March 2013


i make no great claims for my work
if i write or record a song that satisfies me it gives me a buzz
if my words or music resonate with others so much the better
but i do think that art should not be underestimated
for it has the power to move the soul and awaken the spirit
a novel concept in a culture that thinks with its head
whose body oftentimes acts predominantly as a mode of transport for its brain
i guess we all have our personal fortes
some possess the power of oration
the capacity to move others with their firey rhetoric and charisma
others have the gift of rationality
the command of unimpeachable logic and argument
as for me
i have been seduced by a different bedfellow
a lover who entrances with her emotional caress
who bewitches with her beauty
enchants with her poetry
charms with her whimsy
she is an artistic savant
a mage of metaphor
a playful lady
not averse to occasional deceit
in the service of her creativity
while pursuing the utmost integrity in her dealings
this muse of mine is my guide
she lights my way
and i humbly follow

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