Tuesday, 8 February 2011


why is it that nothing much ever really changes?
why is it that whatever government gets elected
it all amounts to the same?
conservative? socialist? liberal?
thatcher? blair? cameraman-clog?
republican? democrat?
clinton? bush? obama?
it all makes no difference
it all adds up to busyness as usual
everything sacrificed
to the holy cow of grossly (un)democratic product
adults on the 9 to 5 treadmill
children on the school treadmill
old people and the unemployed on the tv treadmill
overstuffed porkies on the gym treadmill
as ever 'our boys' are out there in some distant foreign clime
waging a noble war against rebel insurgents
to bring democracy and human rights to heathen territories
the same old song plays
the who singing 'won't get fooled again'
and all the time an invisible government makes it seem so inevitable
protest is minimal
the odd student riot here
the odd fuel protest there
a few english defence leaguers clashing with a few more anti-nazis
meanwhile the pr machine rachets up another gear
the mass media bewilder the herd
cajoling them from pen to pen like a well trained sheepdog
making sure that they keep missing the point
spending and self-medicating to kill the pain
anything to keep those profits swilling into the fat piggies' troughs
what kind of person would question all this?
who might question the dumb ignorance
of the children who never grew up?

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