Wednesday, 9 February 2011


forgive me if i profane
but once upon a time
this was a business of some respectability
it provided an important service to society
that of lending to individuals and businesses
and helping others to save for the future
so what has gone wrong?
somewhere along the line there has been a profound shift
from banking as a service industry
to banking as a self-serving domain ungoverned by regulations
and the norms of decent honest behaviour expected of the rest of us
free from all restraint
the bankers have unsurprisingly wreaked havoc
this is bandit country
and these our outlaws
not of the robin hood type
but the venal autistic self-obsessed type of individual
without moral compass
who feels he has no responsibility whatsoever to his fellow man
the bank leaders throw up their hands in dismay
at a request for an extra 800 million in tax from the chancer-law
but this is a mere drop in the murky ocean of dodgy dervatives
...and still we let them get away with it!

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