Thursday, 23 February 2012


it sounds like an old cliche
but sometimes it gets to the point
where it almost feels pointless carrying on
where the insanity becomes an overwhelming burden
this relentless murder and mayhem in syria tears at my heart
it is sickening and traumatising
this callous slaughter that our elected leaders have no interest in halting
while instead they crank up the war rhetoric against iran
while the media conveniently turns two blind eyes to israel
a state already in possession of large quantities of horrible wmd
the pm waffles about anti-business snobbery
while the only thing he knows how to do
(the only thing the culture he represents knows how to do)
is to convert the living into the dead
real dangerous living breathing people, animals and plants
into safe abstract lifeless odourless, tasteless money
and so the fish disappear from the oceans
the birds disappear from the sky
the bees disappear from the flowerbeds
and i ask myself:
how can those who do not value life
those who destroy
be stopped?

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