Sunday, 12 February 2012


I try to say what I want to say
Where there's a will there must be a way
To get my feelings off my chest
But it feels like climbing Everest

It doesn't matter what I say or do
I can't get through to you
My words fall upon death ears
I watch them splash into a pool of tears

All I'm looking for
Is a relationship

It's like driving up a one-way street
It's like kicking with two left feet
It's like Canute facing the waves
It's like the charge of the Light Brigade

All I'm looking for
Is a relationship

It's the loneliness I can't take
The disconnection
The only thing I crave
Is your attention

It's like yelling at an aeroplane
It's like screaming in a howling gale
It's like swimming to America
It's like digging to Australia

I can't reach you though you're so near
You can't see me though I'm right here
The sun is shining but I'm fading to grey
All my lifeblood is draining away

All I'm looking for
Is a relationship
I want nothing more
Than a relationship

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