Wednesday, 13 June 2012


my fellow blog fiends
over the last few weeks of bloglessness
i have reached a most sombre conclusion
it is this
that being idle is bloody hard work!
for the aspiring idler is forced into daily conflict
while he shirks the dull routines of modern existence
all around him swirls a maelstrom of bother
disturbing and distracting our heroic idler
into always being busy doing nothing
for therein lies the paradox
to be busy is to achieve very little
save for boring oneself to death
in the role of a tiny cog
maintaining, servicing and consuming
greasing the great wheel of the slave culture
on the other hand
to be idle is to be productive
to think, to enjoy, to create
to luxuriate
yet it is these three jewels
thought, joy, creativity
which are anathema to the botherers
the interferers
the bores
those whose purpose in life is to control and subordinate the idle
to the daily tedium of wage slavery and commodified leisure
sold to the unwitting in the form of jobs and careers
supermarkets and shopping
i-phone and internet
television and take-away
theme park and leisure centre
yes, it is a constant struggle
to keep one's head
while all around others are losing theirs
to espouse life-affirming anarchy
in a death culture of state-corporate collusion
and yet it is a battle worth fighting
a cause worth supporting
a war worth waging
so will you join me, my fiends?
will you take a stand?
will you plant an idle flag in the dirt?

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