Monday, 2 July 2012


at last!
some time out from the daily grind
a blessed few days of idleness
a lungful of fresh oxygen
after the total submersion of the last couple of weeks
respite from bickering saudi kids bringing chaos to strange hotel suites
escape from the repetitive strain of endless error tagging
reprieve from the number-crunching calculations of presessional stragglers
so there was i
all set to head for the hills for a few days
to the romance and majesty of the cumbrian lakes
where wordsworth's heart was swept away by the beauty of it all
but it is not to be
the summer rains will not abate
i have not organised my travel or lodgings
but most of all i am weary
afflicted by a dreadful debilitating fatigue
that saps my energies
that fills me with ennui
but lets me sleep only fitfully
so my idle week off finds me on chance road
hitchhiking to wherever my journey takes me

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