Thursday, 5 July 2012


as a hitchhiker on life's meandering road
you never know where your next lift is coming from
or where it will take you
i had all my little plans and schemes for the week worked out
a solo trip to the lakes
a family weekend camping near bishop's castle
taking in the lively carnival on the village green
and what did they amount to?
the weather and my health scuppered the lakes
and apart from the wayward elements proving inauspicious for a camping trip
it turns out that the carnival was actually last weekend
first and foremost my health has forced the issue
encouraging me to take my idleness to new extremes
so instead of positioning myself on the slip road
i have withdrawn to the verge
i have opted out of the fray
for a picnic by the motorway
watching the cars go by like clouds
reclining for a nap when i feel like it
losing myself in a good book
a delightful self-published work by my friend laurence shelley
sharing the weird and wonderful events that were unleashed
when he decided to hitch the length of britain
from lizard point to dunnet head
but even as i laze on my pinic mat
a few cars can't help stopping on the hard shoulder
this week's rea river roots night at the tower of song happens to be...
the fourth of july
so feeble as i am
i cannot pass up the opportunity
to perform my eponymous peace anthem to the assembled throng
what did tom martin say the other week?
'as songwriters we feel we have a duty to comment on these things'
and afterwards the main artist comes up and thanks me for marking the event
then today my pal joven forwards me a flyer
for the birmingham european festival
which has just opened
it looks fantastic
and i wouldn't like to miss this extravaganza for the third year running
well worth interrupting the picnic for
don't drive off - i'm just coming!

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