Sunday, 15 July 2012


this blog is almost done
and i must say that it has served its purpose well
as aid and accomplice
to its musical counterpart
steadily filling cyberspace with zeroes and ones
while its audio cousin slowly gestated in the dark womb of my computer's hard drive
this project has been a long haul
its immaculate conception last autumn seems an awful long time ago
like a foetus it has developed in fits and starts
lengthy periods of inactivity
interspersed with intense growth spurts
it overran the third trimester
and it is now a month overdue
its creator has felt like a heavily pregnant woman
overburdened, impatient and unable to get comfortable
but today i have recorded and mixed the fourteenth and final track
and mastered a compact disc
so there you have it:
ten months of my life condensed into a hundred or so blog posts
and fifty-three minutes of musical catharsis
the theme of DOAG runs like a seem through the songs
colouring them with the same palette
a loss of faith in the culture of which i am a part
but no longer identify with
the dawning recognition that redemption or salvation are impossible
probably best summed up in infidel
something of a pivotal track around which the album revolves
i don't believe in progress
i don't believe in rules
i don't believe in science
and i don't believe in school
i don't believe in violence
i don't believe in war
i don't believe in justice
and i don't believe in law
there's a lot of hurt and frustration on this record too
relationship and incommunicado are pretty honest confessions
remnants broadens that hurt and pain out
with the difference that as a culture
we've lost the ability to even feel or communicate the hurt
what are my tears? avoids acknowledging the pain altogether
songs like asleep-awake and right here right now provide a counterbalance
a much needed more positive more uplifting less bleak outlook
musically the record is a little less consistent
i hope that's a strength rather than a weakness
there are several quite heavily 'produced' tracks on there
multi-tracked backing vocals and overdubbed guitars and keyboards
some of it rocks - the electric guitars and drums
are sometimes louder and more distorted than ever before
but overall i've been moving towards a more 'live' sound
i think that comes through in some of the vocals
and also in the songs that were literally recorded live
just voice and acoustic guitar straight into the mixer
so the artifice of 'artifact' and 'menagerie' and 'total' has been leavened somewhat
i think it's the way to go actually
so watch out for a future 'fireseed unplugged' release
just me and my fender acoustic...
anyway there are gonna be a few changes on here too in the coming weeks
as one project is delivered another has already been conceived
just as i did with 'total'
i have been two-timing this album
moonlighting on a new project
which will soon be launched right here on this blog
so keep watching this space my dear fiends
and i hope you enjoy the cd!

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