Friday, 6 July 2012


my bingo ball pops up
and this time it's number 44
forty-four years old
forty-four years young
it's all relative
some days this week
i've been thinking about my mom and dad
knocking on seventy-one and seventy-five respectively
and wondering:
if this is how old i feel
then how on earth must they feel?
then i thought of my aunt
who lives on her own at eighty-one
and still cooks and looks after herself
gets out and does her own shopping
of course to the woodle
forty-four years must seem an age
just think - thirty-five woodleless years!
as for the goings-on at the time of my birth
during that year of political chaos and revolution
(not to mention domestic upheaval for my parents)
i've made a few interesting discoveries recently
i found out that robert pirsig was just setting out on his american oddysey
immortalised in zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance
i also discovered that the byrds were flying in for a rare visit to england
appearing at the royal albert hall the following evening
weird coincidences
or perhaps not?

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