Sunday, 23 September 2012


i have learnt the importance of travelling light
i have learnt to respect the mountain
to know the limitations of my ageing body
i have learnt that a pair of trekking poles suddenly doesn't seem so much of a luxury
when knees begin to seize up halfway down a mountain
i have learnt the joys of escaping the eye of the clock
that the wilderness has a transcendent power and beauty
which nurtures the human spirit
i have learnt that when battered by high winds
on a hillside in the middle of a rain squall
it is much easier to identify with modern industrial civilization and its products
a waterproof anorak and trousers and comfortable leather walking boots
i have learnt that the mountains are no place to be when the drizzle sets in
i have learnt to appreciate how tough it must be
to eke out a livelihood in remote moutainous terrain
i have learnt that an artist is a mirror for the audience
but that sometimes the mirror needs to be broken
i have learnt that life is about following one's intuition
and then putting one foot in front of the other

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