Wednesday, 3 October 2012


The water laps the shoreline and the ripples spread in circles
The sun is sinking slowly out of sight
The bats skim low for insects and the fish lurk in the shadows
Day is burning slowly into night

Lay your head on these cushions, look up at the sky
Let’s go down to the boathouse, you and I

Can you hear the quiet of this rare and precious evening?
Can you smell the fragrance in the air?
Can you sense that time has been suspended for a moment?
Can you taste the magic in the air?

Shake loose from your moorings, shake loose your hair
Go down to the boathouse, I’ll meet you there

Oh we could be floating away
Oh we could be in another place
Oh we could be so high
Oh we could touch the sky

The evening is so lovely and you, you are so lovely
Is that a spell you’ve put upon me?
Don’t be shy
Let us seize the moment or it will vanish like a rainbow
Come let’s go before it fades and dies

Take this oar in your hand, feel the smooth grain
Let's push off from the boathouse and drift away

Lie back on your pillow, close your eyes
Let’s go down to the boathouse, you and I

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