Tuesday, 3 August 2010


i dare not say that i have arrived
(for that would suggest the journey's end)
but the train has puffed out of the station
gathered steam
left the city behind
and is now flying through unfettered countryside
my art at last seems to be coalescing
as the song predicted it would
my magpie tendencies are slowly starting to pay off
i brazenly borrow, steal and cull
i am favoured by my muse
who visits me nightly
i am emboldened by an evolving philosophy
art bolstered by age and experience
facilitated by an improved technology
but not dependent upon it
and lately nurtured by having sufficient time to devote to it
(my dear family is currently ensconced in seoul)
music on the cusp of pop, rock and folk
poetry that reaches for the timeless
the mediaeval merging seamlessly with the contemporary
tapping into the classic vein
of english inspiration over the centuries
and a blog that draws all these threads together
shared by you, dear reader

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