Wednesday, 4 August 2010


the dawn is very soft
i rise early awake with my thoughts
rain falls in a fine mist
dampening the parched borders
but not yet sating their thirst
soggy paperboys negotiate the kerbs
bearing oversized shoulderbags
full of soggy papers containing soggy news
bedraggled baby bluetits flit from bush to tree
pecking at unseen insect morsels
a dogged jogger plods the pavement
oblivious to the elements
squirrelled away in his mp3 hermitage
i lay down a backing track for a new song
flesh and blood
a song which sprang semi-formed form the ether
one evening as i pedalled home from football
a song about the human condition
a song about desire
a song about love
a song about religion
a parent to a child
a lover to his mate
a soliloquy
a song about the individual and the universal
the impossibility and absurdity of being human
a paradox
a dichotomy...
and the soft rain falls still
silent and unnoticed
i will let it brush my cheek as i stroll out
on this damp summer's day

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