Monday, 2 August 2010


today is my dear mother's birthday
so i have written a short poem in her honour:

To enjoy the journey, not its end
To delight in the process, not long for its outcome
To revel in the moment, not anticipate what follows
To complete a task for its own sake, not seek reward
To take part, not claim victory
To climb, not reach the summit
To savour the taste, not sate the appetite
To linger on the page, not finish the book
To understand the value, not know the cost
To think and not to know
To ask questions, not to find answers
To engage in conversation, not win the debate
To make friends, not maintain acquaintances
To create, not to consume
To love and not possess
To give and not receive
To be among wilderness, not banish it
To value beauty, not utility
To search for fulfilment, not boost the ego
To look inside, not follow the whim of others
To move on and not to dwell

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