Wednesday, 12 January 2011


You must learn how to obey
You must do as you are told
You must follow my instructions
And submit to my control

Hide your emotions beneath a layer of chrome
Lock up your pain inside a heart as cold as stone
And be my robot

I will teach you how to think
I will show you what to do
I will programme your desires
I will watch your every move

Process my data with your rapid memory
Store my commands safely inside my circuitry

And be my robot
My binary friend
Be my robot
A slave to my ends

You'll be a hard-wired machine
A technological dream
It's all within your grasp
If you'll be my robot

I will help you pass the tests
I will get you better grades
I will praise you if you pass
I will curse you if you fail

I will protect you against a viral attack
Install a firewall that no villain can hack
If you'll be my robot

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