Sunday, 29 May 2011


Re: Sunday, Radio 4, 29 May

Dear Ed

I wonder why you would wish to interview Tony Blair, a discredited figure who inflicted huge suffering on the nations of Iraq & Afghanistan to name but two.

Some bizarre views, quite at odds with a spiritual perspective on life, went unchallenged. Blair's rhetoric about ‘faith and globalization’ was a case in point – it is difficult to reconcile Christ's message with the systematic prising open of developing countries to boost the profits of rapacious TNCs.

Blair's lack of qualms over the extra-judicial killing of Bin Laden was unsurprising given the former's record on respecting international law, but it was remarkable that a spiritual programme could leave his comments unchallenged.

The astonishing claim that the problems of the Middle East have not been caused by outsiders would be utterly hilarious were the consequences not so dire for millions of ruined lives - this is a man complicit in the deaths of a million Iraqis.

Please, if you must interview Blair, challenge him to substantiate his delusional views. Otherwise, you simply condone his perverse worldview.

Yours sincerely


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