Tuesday, 24 May 2011


i read the news today oh boy...
pass me the sick bucket
it's enough to make you weep
on the guardians of power online
on the toady programme
the sycophants fawn and fuss over brand obama
swooning as he removes his jacket to pick up a table-tennis bat
for a press knock-up with nasty posh git cameraman
applauding obsequiously as he sips a pint of guinness in an irish boozer
oohing and aahing at michelle's latest extravagant frock
what kind of fantasy world do these people inhabit?
a parallel universe where the us president really is a good guy
instead of a fraudulent hypocrite hiding behind a brand
condemning untold millions to lives of utter misery
i wanna take out a super injunction
to protect the public from the antics of this rogue
and his loathesome outlaw state
all donations gratefully accepted...

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