Wednesday, 16 July 2014


These beautiful pictures glued to the wood
The root of all evil has come to no good
It's like a religion, we surrender ourselves
And bow down to worship at the altar of wealth

But they hide behind pay walls and the odds are all rigged
The anonymous donors, the secretive bids

In God we trust

Life on a promise makes slaves of us all
A convenient marriage, a painful divorce

The trees are all burning but we can't see the wood
The smoke and the mirrors have fooled us real good

In God we trust

You can spend it like water never quenching your thirst
You can hoard it like treasure but you will always be cursed

My interest is waning, my fortunes have slumped
My schemes are all failing, my investors have jumped

I'm going to set up my easel, I'm going to carve out a niche
I'm going to paint a blank canvas with my own masterpiece

In Art I trust

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