Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Oh to write the greatest song ever
A song to make you laugh and make you cry
A song that could charm the birds off the trees
A song with its own philosophy
A song full of mystery, magic and enchantment
A song that leaves you wanting more
A song that would unite generations
And make parents and teenagers part company
A song that even small children would get
A catchy song
An earworm
A real grower
A song that sets your foot tapping
A song that hits you right in the guts
A song with an unexpected melody
A song with a sinuous counterpoint
A song with a gorgeous harmony
A song with a secret chord
A song with a sinuous bass line
A song with a funky rhythm
A song with ingenious rhyming couplets
A song with memorable lyrics
A song that can be interpreted in a hundred different ways
A song to be analysed by PhD students and music professors
A song that everyone wants as a desert island disc
An ancient song
A futuristic song
A song that you feel you've known all your life
A song that you can't believe didn't always exist
A song they'll still be singing in a hundred years time
A song you wish you'd written yourself
A song both reassuringly familiar and exhilaratingly strange
A song that you can strum on a guitar
A song that you can bang out on the piano
A song for a garage band
A song for a string quartet
A song for full orchestra
A song that can be sung acapella
A song for friends
A song for lovers
A song for seekers
A song for travellers
A song for worshippers
A song for the bereaved
A song for only the lonely
A song for refugees
A song for those far from home
A song for late-night drunken revellers
A song for Sinatra
A song for Arethra
A song for Pavarotti
A song for Callas
A song for a diva
A song for a troubador
A song with no regrets
A song to hum in the shower
A song to whistle while you work
A song to belt out in karaoke
A song for a party
A song for a festival
A song to soothe
A song to dance to in the rain
A song for a Saturday night and a Sunday morning
A song to conceive to
A song to inspire a revolution
A song you want played at your wedding
A song to bid you farewell at your funeral
A cathartic song
A spiritual song
An energising song
A ubiquitous song
A universal song
A song to live by
A song to drink in
And a song to go

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