Wednesday, 23 July 2014


As I slip through the hourglass
I know I can't take it with me
I feel like Great Alexander
At his funeral parade

I want to take it to the nth degree
I clutched at immortality
My hands are dangling from the hearse
For omniscience

The cards arrive every Christmas
But it's a dwindling collection
My friends are becoming forgetful
They've lost my latest address

All my books and my diaries
My encyclopaedic libraries
Are stacked up somewhere in a crate
For omniscience

Up in the attic
Down in the vaults
Muffled voices
Stifled words
What do you think you heard?

Now as history unravels
With a gathering momentum
I've forgotten what I came for
Can't remember why I'm here

I'm drowning in information
I'm starving for inspiration
Wisdom is elusive as the clouds

I'm jostling for position
I'm screaming out for recognition
That brush with stardom gave me a taste
For omniscience

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