Wednesday, 25 April 2012


i am borrowing a book by alan garner
an uncivilised author i've never read before
though i used to have a copy of elidor on my bookshelf as a kid
the book is called the owl service
its home until recently was the gravity-defying shelf
on the wall of the living room
in woodle's piano teacher's house
the story happens to be set in a welsh valley
and draws on ancient welsh mythology
it is slowly but steadily drawing me in
today i pick up the book and this is what i read
the main protagonist is talking to his mother:
"Mam, just listen - please, Mam!"
Nancy was silent.
"You told me so much about the valley," said Gwyn, "it was like coming home. All my life I've known this place better than Aber. Mam, I even know who people are when I see them, you described them that good!"
as i read this
a tingle passes down my spine
that phrase 'coming home' jumps out at me
the title of the song i penned on my return from wales last week
on another page Gwyn exclaims:
"Land of my crumbling fathers!"
another line from the song
something is resonating really powerfully here
there is a synchronicity
a rightness
a match of experience, emotion, mythology, story and song
and it is freaking me out!

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