Wednesday, 25 April 2012


it has been too long since there has been much humour on this blog
but something really tickled me yesterday
hannah woo and i were just about to leave the house for my parents' place
when the phone rang
we were running late
and i assumed it must be my brother or dad
wondering where we'd got to
woodle kept repeating the same phrase down the phone
in a funny high-pitched voice
'i'm a munchkin!'
she was dressed up in this role for the family party
'who is it?' i asked after a while
'it's uncle john' she said
eventually a few i'm a munchkins later
i managed to grab the receiver
but the voice at the other end was unfamiliar
"i'm calling on behalf of eddie freeman, your local councillor" the man said
"i was trying to play along with your daughter
but every time i asked her who she was
or if i could talk to someone else in the house
she kept repeating 'i'm a munchkin!'"

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