Tuesday, 17 April 2012


it sounds like a headline from the front page of the sun snoozepaper
a crude attention-grabbing non-story
a pile of read-all-about-it cadswollop
how i wish i was making this up
but no!
as regular readers of this blog (unfortunately not the sun) will know
the civilised will not stop
until they have wrung every last drop of profit
from our ravaged earth
this time it's a wheeze with an appropriately anglo-saxon-sounding name
fracturing (destroying) the shale rock below the earth's surface
while pumping chemicals into (poisoning) the aquifiers of fossil water
to extract (steal) the gas contained in the seams
a panel of scientists has been commissioned
to tell government ministers what they want to hear
that the earthquakes caused by previous tests
present no significant risk to the public
the experts who don't come up with the required results
are as always quietly removed
the damage is being done by a us corporation
given licence to destroy a distant colonial outpost (the uk)
the profits will be funnelled to wealthy shareholders around the world
the pieces will be picked up by us
the uk taxpayers
this is our very own athabasca tar sands
and it is happening right here on our doorstep!

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