Friday, 13 April 2012


an author i admire recently put development another way
he described it as 'destroying beauty for money'
what a powerful evocation!
returning to part one of this post last week
we could adapt our working definition to 'destroying beauty for comfort'
which begs the question
are beauty and comfort opposites?
are they mutually exclusive?
where seven - soon to be nine? - billion humans are concerned
perhaps the answer is yes
as for rampant uncontrolled greed
the grasping accumulation of stored personal wealth
capitalism itself
these things must surely be incompatible with beauty
so where does this leave development?
perhaps what it is really about is repairing and rediscovering beauty
about nurturing relationships
healing mind and body
opening up to the sheer bliss the natural world offers
if only we were willing to look

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