Saturday, 10 March 2012


I wrapped myself up
In the warmth of the blankets
I turned out the light
And I tucked myself in
I buried my face
In the black of the pillow
To banish the nightmares
That fought to creep in

I slept fitfully
Tossed and turned restlessly
There in the darkness
Alone with my fears
As the moonlight
Spread his cold fingers
As the dew
Shed her soft tears

Asleep to reality
Asleep to possibility
Asleep to my destiny
Fast asleep

I stirred from my dreams
Distant voices were calling
The cry of a stranger
The howl of a wolf
I awoke from my slumbers
To the cold light of morning
A sense of great danger
A moment of truth

I drew back the curtains
Threw open the window
I drank in the birdsong
Breathed in the cool air
I danced round the garden
I scrambled through hedges
I tumbled through meadows
Without any care

Awake to reality
Awake to possibility
Awake to my destiny
Wide awake

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