Tuesday, 13 March 2012


five orangutans were slaughtered today in the indonesian rainforest
but not to worry
sales of energy-saving lightbulbs are up by 10% this year
a hundred women are thought to have been raped in england today
but not to worry
the government is installing a battered woman's tzar to oversee the problem
an estimated fifty thousand serbian children are currently suffering from cancer
caused by depleted uranium shells dropped on the country by nato in 1999
but not to worry
the who is monitoring the situation
two hundred species went instinct today
but not to worry
rspb membership is bearing up despite the recession
unknown numbers of civilians are being maimed or killed every day in syria
but not to worry
the un has sent its special envoy to beg mr assad to stop the carnage
not to worry
sleep easy
everything will be alright
what's on the telly tonight?

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