Monday, 12 March 2012


i confess
i'm scared
scared for the past
scared for the present
and scared for the future
scared by the horrors that civilisation is inflicting on our planet
scared by the misery that it is bringing to the world's people
scared by the havoc it is wreaking on all the beautiful plants and creatures
fearful of the future for those i love
in particular
my precious daughter
and my tiny nephew
too young to understand what is happening
or what is coming
this predicament holds humanity in its pincers
it pushes us between a rock and a hard place
it crushes us like a vice
we lack the wisdom to understand
we lack the courage to be face the truth
and we lack the heart to care
i confess that i am in despair
and yet i know that despair is a necessary precursor
to an effective response

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