Thursday, 22 March 2012


it is a beautiful spring morning
and i am glad to be alive
the sun evaporates the tiny droplets of dew
which cling stubbornly to the swaying grassy stems
the daffodils are in bloom
their little faces smiling gratefully at the sun
and some small ground-hugging purplish flowers that i cannot name
have come into bloom quietly and understatedly
then as i near the lilac tree my heart jumps with excitement
all winter i have been feeling lilac-scented pangs of guilt and sorrow
since back in november
when i cut the lilac and its neighbour the forsythia back savagely
to stop them shading the neighbours' garden
to be truthful they had been out of control for years
without me noticing
and they were in need of a good prune
the problem was that i should have done this in early summer
after the trees had blossomed
to give them enough time
to put on some growth for this spring's flowers
at any rate
despite my poor husbandry
the lilac has miraculously sprouted lots of little buds
which are already unfurling into tiny leaves
will they have time to grow into the wonderfully-scented candles
which have brought joy and magic
to our previous spring times in this garden?
i wouldn't bet against it!

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