Saturday, 24 March 2012


fireseed waiting at a pedestrian crossing
on his merry way to an evening rendezvous at the silly park tavern
two couples approach
heading for the local curry house
one of the blokes pulls out a gadget
(i suspect it was an eye phone
but i wouldn't be too sure of such things)
and points it up at the sky for his friends' benefit
'hey look at this
that's jupiter, that one's venus and that's mercury'
'oooh!' his friends chorus
his eye-whatsit has an 'app'(?)
which identifies every planetary body and star in the firmament
but the friends have quickly lost interest
as we cross the road
they reset their sights on the curry house
their left-brains having named the planets
their right-brains having been not the slightest bit moved
by the awe and wonder of the night sky

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