Thursday, 23 June 2011


Dear Sirs

I was staggered to read the following in today's Indie Pendant editorial:

'Libya...may turn out to be where idealism...meets reality, the recognition that there is neither the money nor the mandate to achieve much more.'

Are you seriously suggesting that NATO's good intentions to bring peace and harmony to North Africa are being undermined by a lack of military resources?

I find your analysis frankly absurd. It is blindingly obvious from the flood of Wikileaks exposés regarding Libyan oil that NATO has not an iota of interest in humanitarian issues and is determined to remove Gaddafi in order to install a regime more reliably subserviant to Western oil interests.

You do yourselves no favours by making such absurd claims. I urge you to please refrain from treating your readers with contempt.

Yours sincerely


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