Sunday, 12 June 2011


Dear Mr Soya

Thanks again for your reply. I appreciate your attempts to engage with a listener.

I chose to highlight the 'populist demagogue' phrase as an example of the editorialising you seem so anxious to avoid when it comes to our leaders. Can you seriously imagine such a description being applied to Obama or Cameron in our media? Of course not.

You have failed to address the main thrust of my concerns about your Obama coverage voiced in my second paragraph. I fear that is because you are unable to, which is a great pity.

Don't worry - I will not be troubling the antiseptic BBC complaints department.

Yours sincerely


Subject: RE: Unbalanced coverage of President Obama's address
Date: Fri 10 Jun 2011]

Dear Fireseed

Interesting - ironic even - that, while accusing us of selective partiality, you choose to highlight 'To his detractors he is a populist demagogue with a patchwork quilt of political beliefs' while ignoring the subsequent phrase 'To his supporters he is the leader that Venezuela needs to sweep away a corrupt and outdated establishment'.

Your extrapolations regarding motive are fanciful.

We are not going to agree on this, obviously. If you use the link I've twice sent you, your concerns will be reviewed by the complaints unit, which is completely separate from and independent of programme teams.

All the best

Roger Soya

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