Wednesday, 29 June 2011


tomorrow the teachers go on strike
kids across the country rejoice at their freedom
but wait...there is something afoot
a strange high-pitched voice cries havoc!
michael glove says parents should pop into school
to teach the lessons themselves!
literacy with mrs storey the lollipop lady
maths with mr fraction the car salesman
cookery class with dick the milk
learning journey with young miss trip
just returned from her gap year
actually mike this could turn out to be a bloody good idea
we might find that our kids don't actually miss
their 'professional' teachers at all
and that mums and dads and people in the community
are actually the children's best teachers
we could save the treasury billions
and expose the education industry
as the money-grubbing business corporation it is!
but i'm afraid i don't go along with mike
when he says that missing a day's school
will scar kids for life
hang on mr grove
were they scarred by missing school for the royal wedding?
are they damaged by all those bank holidays?
or when they have a couple of days off with the measles?
will their lives become a wasteland of drug abuse
just because teachers strike tomorrow?
come off it mike
if i were a kid these days
i'd be more worried about the massive debt i'd racked up
just to get a university education!

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