Sunday, 19 June 2011


healthy body healthy mind
body stiff and sore from friday football
mind numb from five days of teaching and marking
while the woodle has her weekly lesson
i take the plunge
goggles in position
body braced for the chill of the water
nostrils braced for the chlorine rush
up and down the pool i labour
alternate lengths of calm breaststroke
unsighted backstroke and breathless front crawl
in half an hour
i rack up fourteen lengths
a quarter of a mile
this is great anaerobic exercise
no stresses or shocks to the joints
no tackles from behind
two birds killed with one stone
afterwards we play 'timmy in turtle land'
and sea conservationists
i pose as a nautilus called naughty
while woodle captures me in her net
a specimen for the sealife centre
well it's better than being harpooned!

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