Sunday, 26 June 2011


Your eyes penetrate my soul
Your smile swallows me whole
Your face draws me like a flame
Your gaze makes me look away

Your voice is music to my ears
Your laughter reduces me to tears
When you breathe the air refills my lungs
When you leave it hits me in the guts

Your breath is warm upon my skin
It’s like death the moment you walk in
Your indifference cuts me like a knife
When you’re distant I am mortified

Your heartbeat is like a distant drum
When we meet your appearance strikes me dumb
Your name echoes softly round my head
My brain juggles everything you said

I watch you tremble like a tiny child
I dissemble as my thoughts run wild
Your lips are waiting to be kissed
Your hips convert me to a Creationist

When you go it is an awful ache
I think I know what is keeping me awake
I can’t bear this situation any more
I declare this to be the final straw

I’m hanging there on a row of tenterhooks
Let me swear upon the holy books
The Lord has mercy on me, I devoutly pray
For my obsession will not go away

By now I think the evidence is clear
That this obsession could cost me dear
I wish I could be more dutiful
But after all you are so beautiful

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