Wednesday, 22 June 2011


I turned on the radio
To hear the latest trouble
I heard some voices echoing
From inside a bubble

Plausible discussion
Of the day's events
Articulate analysis
Well spoken common sense

Consumer confidence
Bank accounts offshore
The Justification for violence
And perpetual war

But the cognitive dissonance
Struck me in the face
Ninety-nine percent of us
Had vanished without a trace

The poor ones and the marginalised
Did not appear at all
Their voices filtered and silenced
By a firewall

A narrative of human nature
Fuelled by venality
A chronicle of misadventure
A tale of acrimony

Tempered by the benevolence
Of the USuk
The very 'special relationship'
That makes it all okay

Yet outside this tiny bubble
Another world does exist
'Real' people across the planet
Fighting to resist

Sharing common interests
Of family and love
Of honest labour, home and friendship
Of laughter, tears and fun

I turned off the radio
To miss the latest trouble
I'd heard enough of the empty talk
From inside the bubble

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